The Greg Madison Music Studio teaches students on harmonica from 7-years old through adults of all ages and beginners through professional levels of learning. I have been fairly successful with students that haven't done well in the past as well as with learning disabled and slow learning students. Visit our testimonial page to see what our students and/or parents have to say.


The studio is located in Bergenfield, NJ and students have come from the entire Metropolitan Area. Our studio is one of the best equipped studios around. We have a selection of high end, top of the line, professional music software and also many types of audio, visual and electronic equipment. See our Studio page for more detailed information.


Private one on one instruction on the harmonica is offered in the studio with home lessons also available. All aspects of music will be taught, including technique, theory, harmony, improvising, arranging, music transcription, reading, music writing, rhythm, ear training and more.... Wherever your musical interests lie, Greg Madison Music Studio can...

help you realize your greatest musical ambitions!
shape your future in music!
discover the music in you!
express the music in you!
fulfill your dream of musical expression!
fulfill your life long endeavor. it's almost never too late learn an instrument!
help make music give you a lifelong reward!

Whether you are a beginner or advanced harmonica student, your lessons with the Greg Madison Music Studio will improve all aspects of your harmonica playing from basics and fundamentals to advanced harmony, reading and improvisation. Whatever the student's musical needs are, our harmonica lesson program will strengthen those needs. Come and be enriched by the power of music with harmonica guitar lessons at my studio.


The musical styles taught are rock, blues, funk, R&B, rockabilly, jazz, classical, folk, country, bluegrass, reggae, gospel, Latin, Brazilian, styles, Broadway, pop, and more!


Harmonica's are used in small bands and in orchestras to play in the styles mention above. This is small instrument with holes to blow into that have reeds in them. When you blow air into or suck air out of the holes you force the reeds to vibrate and this is what produces the notes. The beginner harmonica's that most people start on are diatonic models that have 10 holes with the middle four producing a full octave (8 notes of a major scale) Another larger more advanced harmonica is called a chromatic harmonica. This harmonica can play more notes and notes with sharps & flats. There are many other types and styles of harmonicas, that create different effects. Harmonica's can be amplified with pick ups or played into a microphone. A basic beginner model costs in the $30.00 plus range.

I teach this instrument with tab, short for tablature and standard music. The tab notation shows a number for the hole to blow into or to draw air out of and an arrow under the number to indicate weather to blow or draw air out. I only use the tab notation for the first few weeks and then use standard music notation mostly after that. I teach this instrument like any other band instrument. The harmonica can play melodies and some chords on a limited basis. You can combine the notes and chords at times.


Greg Madison Music Studio is a place where continual teaching improvement, expert music instruction and quality customer service are the highest priorities. I provide the very best instruction available through innovative teaching methods, fun learning concepts and an ongoing expansion of services, including student teacher jams and ensemble classes. I provide musical experiences that are versatile, fun and repeatedly elevate my students' passion and desire for playing music.


Group jam/theory sessions with 4 to 9 students are available in different styles of music with other students of same abilities two times a year. The instruments in these sessions will depend on the student ability and availability These sessions are for people who have played with me and demonstrated that they have the knowledge, ability, dexterity, and can play in time. Another prerequisite is that they have had the basic writing of music notation with us prior to the start of these jam/theory classes. The first level type class works with written music or riff type play in different styles. The more advanced classes are improvisation classes in blues, rock, jazz etc.


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I teach the Guitar | Bass | Piano | Violin | Trumpet | Flute | Clarinet | Saxophone | Viola | Cello |
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The musical styles taught are:
Rock | Blues | Funk | R&B | Rockabilly | Jazz | Classical | Folk | Country | Bluegrass | Reggae | Gospel | Metal | Latin | Brazilian Style | and more... I also train in Theory | Harmony | Improvising | Arranging | Music Transcription | and more...

Lessons Taught 7 Days By Appointment
Home Lessons Available


Hours - BY APPOINTMENT ONLY: Monday through Thursday are 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM. | Friday hours are 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM | Saturday hours are 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. | Sunday hours are 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Absolutely no visits without appointment.


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