Greg Madison Music Studio is a place where continual teaching improvement, expert music instruction and quality customer service are the highest priorities. I strive for excellence in music instruction, technique, theory, improvisation, ear training and music writing. When you come to my studio you will find an extensive array of studio equipment and teaching aids. To see a full description of our studio visit Our Studio page. I provide the very best instruction available for children and adults through innovative teaching methods, fun learning concepts and an ongoing expansion of services, including student teacher jams and ensemble classes. I also provide musical experiences that are versatile and repeatedly elevate my students' passion and desire for playing music.


I love my work as a music teacher for many reasons. I enjoy helping people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds learn to do one of the most enjoyable pleasures of life. It is so rewarding to me to be able to offer this enjoyment to anyone that would like to pursue this activity. I also have learned a lot from my students with their different backgrounds from 17 countries. Playing a music instrument can give a person a lot of satisfaction with the many choices of music styles and instruments to choose from. Playing a musical instrument is something you can do by yourself or with other people offering many possibilities. Playing a musical instrument can be used to provide enjoyment to other people besides yourself. Playing a musical instrument is something I enjoy doing on most days.


I tell my students that I am their biggest fan and that it excites me to see them learn what I am teaching. This is especially true if I know it is one of the harder things for students to learn. I enjoy the responsibility to see my students learn and enjoy playing a musical instrument for hopefully a lifetime. It is also my hope that they can spread the enjoyment to many others in life through their playing. Watching students advance from such meager beginnings to what they eventually can do is such an incredible rush of excitement for me. I knew the moment I taught my first lesson that this was going to be something I would like to do. It reminded me of how I knew by my third week of guitar lessons, as a thirteen year old student, that this is what I wanted to do for a living. It was an instant love for what I wanted to do. I get to work with such a multi-cultural and diverse group of people that have one of the same, very important interests that I do. Sharing some of their life's other interests is also a fun part of teaching. I have also learned a lot from students of the 17 countries I have taught.


My hard and relentless work in improvement has paid off in the respect that students and their families have conveyed to me over the years (see the testimonial page ). Music lessons are an enrichment for both myself and my students. I don't just try to teach music; I teach students how to think, plan, analyze, approach and practice the lesson material to get the most effective results quicker.


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Hopefully you will get to enjoy the closeness that has been experienced by so many past and present students. I want students to remember the special attention that I have given them and that their lessons were a very positive experience and special time in their lives.


Many studies have shown the personal benefits of playing a musical instrument. There are many studies on this subject. Playing a musical instrument provides one of the greatest challenges to both sides of the human brain. I am providing three great websites* a little further on this page about the benefits of playing a musical instrument. The first is Scientific American, the second is Alzheimer's Association and the third is from National Library of Medicine.

Music training Advantages

  1. Promotes neuroplasticity
  2. Improves cognitive abilities
  3. Promote healthy aging of the brain
  4. Beneficial for overall health
  5. Making music is a whole-brain workout.

By taking lessons people can avoid forming bad habits. Learning the correct techniques can save a lot of lost time and the frustration of trying to learn on your own. The guitar is the one instrument that needs the right technique to play with any degree of accuracy. I spend a good amount of time in the early stages teaching the proper use of hands. I can only think of a very few students around (2), that did not need a lot of work in the proper use of their hands in all the years I have been teaching. This includes students with several years of lessons. If the student's hand use is not working efficiently they can't play without making mistakes and looking at their hands fairly often. Keeping constant time and playing with any degree of speed is another problem when proper technique is not used. The sound quality of the notes also suffer.


Students of violin and viola have problems when they don't use their hands efficiently. The left hand has similar problems as the guitar and the right hand problems are due to the bowing techniques that have not been perfected. Poor sound quality is a common problem for violin and viola students due to problems with both hands.


On the brass and woodwind instruments, the biggest problem is due to the students not breathing properly and not using the air flow effectively. Proper breathing and breath control is very important for a good sound and a contributing factor for your overall playing and control of the instrument.


As you properly practice your technique, the physical and mental parts used to activate what is needed to play correctly are developed and become more and more spontaneous. The necessary muscles will grow, new coordination skills and the thought processes will develop. The instrument will become closer to another extension of a persons body. This can develop to the point where a person and their instrument can become almost united as one . This does not happen over night and it will not happen without the proper techniques and enough practice. I am sure you have seen musicians who can play an instrument in such an unbelievable effortless way. They are playing with the same ease that the average person talks.


On guitar, the time I spend on technique actually helps the students play easier just about immediately over the way they would attempt to play in most cases.


Using music to motivate yourself or change your mood. Different people will get this stimulation from different styles of music and different music within that style. This is an area where you can try and experiment. When you find the music that energizes you, or relaxes you, or makes you happy, keep it ready for when you need it. This is a very natural way to help yourself feel better.


I believe that the study of music promotes a sense of achievement, therapeutic value, and the development of self-discipline, concentration, creativity, self-confidence, imagination, coordination, tactical skills, and the ability to analyze and evaluate information. There are many medical studies that prove that studying a musical instrument improves a person's ability in mathematics, long and short term memory retention, scientific and other skills. As students progress to the point of being able to play with other musicians they will learn about the team work and conflict resolution skills required for success. This skill will always be a valuable asset and usable in a persons life in additional to music. The goal of Greg Madison Music Studio is to be one of the very best music learning facilities around. I will consistently provide a valuable education, as well as the motivation that will keep my students playing their instrument throughout their life time. I encourage them to listen, appreciate, and let music have a positive and calming effect on their lives.

Scientific America Website
Alzheimer's Association Website
National Library Of Medicine Website

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I hope to make your learning experience easier, more understandable and thorough. A student will have an opportunity to work with a teacher who plays and teaches styles from early Rock-n-Roll through the Famous Classics, Show Tunes, Broadway Plays, Jazz, Blues, Latin and many more styles.


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The Greg Madison Music Studio teaches students from 5-years old through adults of all ages and beginners through professional levels of learning. The studio is located in Bergenfield, NJ and students have come from the entire Metropolitan Area.


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