I teach the
Guitar | Bass | Piano | Violin | Trumpet | Flute | Clarinet | Saxophone | Viola |
| Cello | 4 -string Banjo | 5-string Banjo | Mandolin | Harmonica | Ukulele |
| Drums | Trombone | Flugelhorn | Cornet | Organ | Accordion | Dulcimer |
and others...


My playing all these instruments has several advantages for students that I teach. If my students ever want to play a different instrument or add an additional instrument they would not have to change teachers and go to someone they do not know and a teacher who don’t know the student and their music background. My students can continue to ask and learn about a lot of instruments. If they play a different instrument in the school program and they have questions I can help them. I teach my students in a very thorough way that makes learning any other or additional instrument much easier. See testimonial number 31 and 32 on our testimonial page and information on our advantages page. I give students information about other instruments fairly often as a normal part of my teaching. Students find this information fascinating. They learn about the different instruments that are transposed (as an example instruments that read or play a C note but get a different note sound). Understanding about transposed instruments will help players know how to tune up with each other and understand how these instruments that are transposed differently can be played together. I teach what some of the functions of these various instruments are, and the role they play in bands orchestras etc.


1. You are a genius and a talent.
2. How can anyone play all these instruments at a high level.


My answer to number two is I play them well enough to get students to a level past what most students would want or need. I taught a student on one of my weaker instruments how to play better than I did. This is possible because I know what to do but I just didn’t play this instrument as much as this student through the years but could do a lot more on my stronger instruments. I do not play all the instruments at a level that a professional person playing one instrument several hours a day all their lives can. An example of how this works is an olympic teacher teaching world class performers because he was there and knows what to do form the past. The student is a better performer than the teacher because the teachers has retired from competition and the student is the one that is practicing the routines at that point. This early twenties student lived and breathed playing his instrument. He practiced playing 3 hours a day. He was a student that was with me for five years and had already had been playing on this instrument before coming to me. I eventually decided to recommend him to a world class player that I knew on the instrument he played. When I asked him how things were going a few months latter he told me that lessons were going well and that this teacher told him that he was one of the most advanced players he ever taught that came from another teacher. There is a good chance that this teacher could not have done the prior work I did as good as I did. I am very successful at what I do due to my lessons plan, foresight, hard work, at improving what I do and my creativity as a player and teacher.


Many of my students through the years took lessons on two and three instruments from me and continued to play them after they stopped their lessons.

I teach the Guitar | Bass | Piano | Violin | Trumpet | Flute | Clarinet | Saxophone | Viola | Cello |
| 4 -string Banjo | 5-string Banjo | Mandolin | Harmonica | Ukulele | Drums | Trombone | Flugelhorn | |Cornet | Organ | Accordion | Dulcimer | and others...

The musical styles taught are:
Rock | Blues | Funk | R&B | Rockabilly | Jazz | Classical | Folk | Country | Bluegrass | Reggae | Gospel | Metal | Latin | Brazilian Style | and more... I also train in Theory | Harmony | Improvising | Arranging | Music Transcription | and more...

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Do you see the dedication that I put into this website material? This is what you will get from my lessons. I work like no effort on my part is totally good enough for my students.


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