Gibson S. G, solid body guitar
Guild C.E 100, arched top jazz guitar
Guild thin line 12 string guitar
Classical guitars (2)
Four string bass guitar
Yamaha piano
Korg digital piano
Yamaha 66 key keyboard (2)
Martin alto saxophone
Martin tenor saxophone
King Silver Flair trumpet
Drums 5 pieces, cymbals, wood block, cowbells

Yamaha trombone
Banjo 4 string
Banjo 5 string
Mandolin (3)
Harmonica's, blues, chromatic etc.
Ukuleles (2). One Lower G & one Higher G

Mac & various music software
Finale music writing program
Electronic & other teaching aids
Guitar amplifiers with effects (2)
Bass guitar amplifiers with effects (3)
Drum machine

Distortion pedal
Wah pedal
Chorus pedal
Phase pedal
Flange pedal
Compressor pedal
Overdrive pedal
Synthesizer pedal
Digital delay pedal

Tape decks (2)
DVD/VCR deck
Multitrack recorder
Midi equipment
Microphone stands & booms


All kinds of electronic equipment, effect pedals, etc. are also a part of the lesson program for any students who want to learn how to use them.


Music software for writing music, songs, pieces, etc., that enables me to output customized music needed in a certain pitch range & music level a students can play in. My program is not limited to very basic non motivating beginner material for very long with this capability. I can also transpose music for vocal and instrument range limitations and for any other reasons.

Repair shop on premises.



The upstairs studio has two amplifiers, several different electronic pieces of equipment and two pianos at right angles to each other. In between these two pianos there is a rack that has my tenor sax, alto sax, clarinet and flute. To the left of my left side piano are two stands that have my full size Guild F hole electric jazz guitar, my electric Gibson SG solid body for rock, and other popular style music, classical guitar, and bass guitar. I use these instruments to play with the students when they have learned enough and have enough dexterity to be able to play in time. The students find it motivating to achieve the ability to play together and are excited to do this when the time comes that they are ready. I can also demo the instruments being played in different styles of music.


The studio also has two Macintosh computers, 2 faxes, 3 printers and 3 office desks. I have the highest end music writing programs. These are used to write my method books that I am going to publish and to write music for students of different levels. This gives me the opportunity to write nice sounding things for students at an earlier music level. I have shown my students the difference at what I have done verses what are in traditional method books and they can see the music I write is much more interesting and fun to play. I write music that involves different styles and different instrument combinations as needed by my students. I put a lot of personal time into the program after hours. I don’t just do what is absolutely necessary to pick up a pay check. I am very dedicated to the music program. The studio has a lot of technology that can be used for all kinds of music projects.


The larger downstairs studio in section one has more amplifiers, electronic equipment, with headphone sets (for group jams), instrument stands with a keyboard, more guitars, a bass, mandolin, and a banjo (4 & 5 string). Section two has a 5 piece drum set with 7 different cymbals in addition to the Hi Hat cymbals. The set has a wood block and cow bells, etc. This area has additional amplifiers, head phones (for another group jam set-up going into mixers) and other electronic equipment etc. There is also an audio/visual cart that has a large monitor and a DVD player to play DVD’s and cd’s. I use this for demos of different instruments, players, and styles for the students. I can use it for other production things that I have done.


The downstairs studio has an office with all the normal office equipment like a desk, file cabinets, storage cabinets a fax machine two copiers, one 11 X 17 and a larger format printer.



I know that you have a choice of music teachers in the area and I appreciate your consideration. My students are always my number one priority.


Please take a moment to browse through my site to learn more about my studio. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


I teach the Guitar | Bass | Piano | Violin | Trumpet | Flute | Clarinet | Saxophone | Viola | Cello |
| 4 -string Banjo | 5-string Banjo | Mandolin | Harmonica | Ukulele | Drums | Trombone | Flugelhorn | |Cornet | Organ | Accordion | Dulcimer | and others...

The musical styles taught are:
Rock | Blues | Funk | R&B | Rockabilly | Jazz | Classical | Folk | Country | Bluegrass | Reggae | Gospel | Metal | Latin | Brazilian Style | and more... I also train in Theory | Harmony | Improvising | Arranging | Music Transcription | and more...

Lessons Taught 7 Days By Appointment
Home Lessons Available


Hours - BY APPOINTMENT ONLY: Monday through Thursday are 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM. | Friday hours are 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM | Saturday hours are 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. | Sunday hours are 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Absolutely no visits without appointment.


Gift Certificates Available


Do you see the dedication that I put into this website material? This is what you will get from my lessons. I work like no effort on my part is totally good enough for my students.


If you have any problems viewing the pages, have questions, comments or suggestions please contact us.

Bergenfield, New Jersey