1. “I thought that I had a good teacher but now I realize what I never learned.” - An adult student who had taken lessons in his teens.

2. “I have had lessons in the past but never understood how to read music the way that I do now.” - This has been told to me from many students throughout the years.
I generally ask students around the seventh month of lessons, if they had a hard time understanding how to read music the way I teach it. Their answer is that I made it easy to learn.

3. “I would give anything to play like that”. - This came from the mother of a student, to another student.
This was said after having heard the last few minutes of an adult student playing piano in a jazz style, prior to their lesson.

4. “I studied in Japan and Germany but never liked taking piano lessons until I started studying here.” - This came from a fourteen-year old female student.
The reasons were due to the classical and other forms of varied music I was teaching her. Another reason she mentioned was that she liked jamming with me during some of the lessons. Occasionally we would be playing when her mother came back and she said that she really enjoy listening to us play and it sounded like listening to a professional group.

5. “I hope we can find a teacher as near as good as you when we go back to Japan.” - The mother of sons age 12 (trumpet) and son age 7 (piano).
This family still sends me family pictures each Christmas and I get to share in their continuing music progress.

6. “I learned more from Greg Madison in one lesson than I did from six lessons from my other teacher.” - An adult male student in a conversation with another adult female student.

7. “I’ve learned things from you in four lessons that I never learned from other teachers in four years. You play with such emotional feeling that it would make anyone want to learn to play. I would consider selling my house and moving back from Florida so that I could continue taking lessons with you.” - An adult female student visiting from Florida who took a few lessons a week for several weeks, while visiting her children locally.
She had been studying with a competent performing classical teacher with a fairly full student schedule. This woman also liked the fact that I could offer her a variety of musical styles and was not limited to just classical. All of the nice comments she made were very impressive and especially the fact that she would even think of selling her house and moving a thousand miles just to study here.

8. “Is the lesson over already?” - A 10 year old student
“If I weren’t here, I would not believe what I just heard my son say.” - The mother of the 10 year old student
On her initial call to me, about lesson information, she was concerned that my lessons were 1 hour. Her son recently stopped taking half hour violin lessons, that he could not sit through at another studio. I explained that I teach differently and usually do not have that problem with my students. I suggested that she try the lessons and see what happens.

9. I never knew how lucky I would be finding you in the yellow pages. - I received this comment from two different mid-twenty year old students.
These two students have both been with me over five years.

10. “You are a very good teacher”, and then the student added “No you are a great teacher!” This comment came from a woman in her early forties who had to leave to go back to college to finish up five semesters for work certification. She said that she intended to keep in touch and wanted to come back for lessons in future.

11. “I like the way that you teach much better than that of my previous two teachers.” - A 22 year old piano student
This particular student called me one and a half years before he actually started taking lessons at my studio. In our conversation, I told him that I do an excellent job of teaching and it would be hard to find someone who helps students as much as I do. When he called me back a year and a half later, after asking where he was from, I remembered him. His previous teacher did a good job and I told him this. This was only the second time in all my years teaching that I felt another teacher did about 2/3 of what I would have taught in the same amount of time. This teacher had two music doctorates but was only able to teach in a classical style and the student wanted to learn different styles.

12. “Don’t think that I don’t know you performed miracles with my grandson.” - Grandmother of a 12 year old clarinet student after their last lesson
I had to do a few things I had never done before to get this student to get to the stage he was at when he stopped taking lessons. Around the same time, I got two other trumpet students who started for the same reason that this clarinet student started. The school band teacher mentioned that they were not doing well and should get private lessons if they wanted to stay in the school program. Within eighteen months, I was told that all three of these students had become the best players on their instruments. When I asked how they knew this, I was told by the grandmother that during a musical performance, she was told this by principal. Another mother was told by a teacher, and the other mother found out from her son because that teacher had told her son.

13. “I am speechless!”- My saxophone student's sixth grade band teacher said this after he gave a surprise performance test to my student.
I found out about this during my student's next lesson after he took his test. The student asked me whether I could guess what his teacher said after his test. I said I could not, and that is when he told me. I said that was a very nice thing for his teacher to say to him. I pointed out that his teacher had to be very impressed to say something like that to him. This student came to me one year after the above three students on clarinet and trumpet. I was teaching his step sister one day when her parents said the band teacher at school was complaining about their son not doing well on saxophone and should get outside private lessons. They asked me whether I could help them. It was the middle of October and he had been in program about five weeks. I told the parents I would work with their son if they wanted. They decided to have their son start lessons with me. Within a few weeks the teacher stopped complaining about their son's progress. As Christmas was approaching, I was told they would have to stop their sons lessons due to the finances of six children. I said I could understand this, and I would find this hard with their circumstances. In January the band teacher started complaining again and they decided to restart lessons again in February. The band teacher stopped complaining again. The student was given this surprised performance test around late April and it was at this time that his band teacher made the "I am speechless" comment.

14. “You made it sound like several guitars were playing at same time. I’ve never heard anything that sounded like that before.”- A twenty-seven-year old student who travels from Monroe N Y to take lessons with me.
This took place during a guitar demo during one of his lessons. He also told me how talented he thought I was and mentioned for about the 5th time about how lucky he felt that he had come across me as a teacher.

15. “Out of all the teachers that I talked to, I felt you would be the most caring about my two children". - A mother of one of my students
After two and a half years of taking lessons, during a conversation, I asked why she chose me because I knew that she had spoken with other studios prior to starting lessons here.

16. “I wish I worked with more people like you in the school system. Because of all the things that you do for me, I can tell you are not in this business just for the money.” - I heard this from a retired English teacher.

17. “I can’t believe the difference in the quality of lessons you teach versus another teacher whose lesson I watched.” - A mother of 9 and 12 year old piano students
The following week, the father brought his children to their lessons. He, like his wife, told me that he was shocked at the high quality of the lessons in my studio. For the next ten minutes, he criticized the other teacher. They both observed this teacher while they were visiting relatives and they attended the relatives daughters lessons.

18. “You have instilled a love of music that will keep me playing the rest of my life. You have made it much more enjoyable and I am learning much more than I did with prior lessons.” - A student in their late thirties who had lessons in grade school and decided to do again after all those years.

19. "I would like you to continue teaching my son even though you mentioned he is not doing as well as you would like". - The mother of a fifteen year old guitar student
The mother told me that her son was not getting into trouble like in the past. She said that he brings friends home to practice music with and she is much more comfortable knowing where he is.

20. “I can’t believe there is so much to learn” - A seventeen year old student
When he made this comment, he said this in a very depressed way. I told him that I was going to say something that should have a big impact on him and I asked him if he was ready to listen to my statement. When I saw that he was, I said “The day I conquered the instrument and what I could do on it would be the day I was bored with it”. He was very surprised because he had never looked at it in that way before. That is what makes music so refreshing because there is an unlimited way to play a song. It gives you a reason to keep coming back and wanting to play all the time. In addition, there are so many songs you can play and new ones come out all the time.

21. “I enrolled with your studio because you were very helpful, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about your program.” - A female adult guitar student

22. “I don’t know anyone on this earth who knows all the things you know.” - This came from the wife who came to study with me after her husband had taken lessons a few years earlier.


23. “You are super thorough”. - Mother of 14 year old student
This was said at end of lesson as she was making her payment.


24. “I even enjoyed the lesson you gave my son and learned a lot sitting in the waiting room”. - Mother of son age 14 after his first lesson.
He had taken lessons for three and a half years before coming to me. The mother's statement ended up having more importance than I realized. During a conversation around the tenth lesson, this student told me they had gone to another local music studio prior to coming here and the lesson was so poorly done that his mother refused to pay for the lesson.


25. “The different styles you played sounded nice”. - Mother of 9 year old female guitar student
She mentioned this at end of lesson as she was making her payment. This demo was done to show some of the various ways you can play guitar and as a motivation to student.


26. “I tried taking lessons from two different teachers since I have moved to Florida. After taking lessons with you, theirs were a joke and I have given up on taking lessons." - A husband and wife in their mid twenties who used to take lessons from me.
These students kept in touch with me for several years after they had moved.


27. "I learned more in two lessons from Greg Madison than I did in two months from my old teacher". - A fourteen year old student told his mother this after his second lesson.
This student had just stopped lessons with someone else after nine months. After his first lesson with me, I told his mother that he is like a second week student except for his dexterity, which was equivalent to a six to nine month student. I was surprised that his dexterity was that good. He did not know any chords. (I start teaching chords in week one or two for students that are age eight and older). He played a scale pattern by rote and did not know the notes or the name of scale that he played. The student's other knowledge included a few note names on guitar, a few notes from the music staff and very little else. His mother was shocked to hear my report on her son's knowledge.


28a. "If I had a teacher as patient as you, when taking lessons in grade school and one that could explained things the way you do to make it so simple to understand I probably would still be playing piano." - A mother of an eleven year old student, after her daughters second lesson.


28b. "I was offered lessons by the salesman who sold us the guitar, but I know he would not have been this through and complete with all the things you did". - The same mother of an eleven year old student, after her daughters first lesson.


29.Many times I would ask the prior teacher questions so I could help my son and I would not understand what the teacher was trying to explain. I would ask him again and then the teacher would loose patience with me.” - Mother of a 6 year old student who had 14 weeks of lessons with another teacher before coming to me.

The first time she called, the mother asked me if I teach the SUZUKI method. My answer was I do not but will explain why & I think she will be very pleased with the alternate way that I do teach. After I explained the problems I had seen with prior students that learned with the Suzuki method on the violin guitar & piano and the advantages of how I teach, she enrolled her son for lessons. After the first lesson, with the mother sitting in, I explained that her son did not have one usable piece of musical information that I was able to work with. The mother tried explaining what they had memorized but seemed confused & only remembered some of it. I explained that none of what they had tried to memorize had anything to do with music. The only advantage of their prior lessons that I could find, was that the guitar that they bought from the prior teacher played very, very nice. I explained that was a very important for her son who was six but was going to be 7 in 6 weeks. I explained that age 6 is a little young to start guitar lessons due to the lack of strength & that a guitar would have to be a really nice playing guitar or it would be impossible to make any progress with lessons. The guitar was too small for this student, but I told them it would work. After the third lesson, I pointed out all the things her son knew. I said can you imagine what he will know after the same 14 weeks after studying with me. She told me that I was so patient and explain things in such a way that it is so easy to understand. She then added that I should be teaching in the school system. My reply was that I been told that a lot over the years. She said that many times she would ask the prior teacher questions so she could help her son & would not understand what the teacher was trying to explain to her. She would ask him again and then the teacher would loose patience with her.


30. “It was a mistake going to the other studio.” - Mother of an 8 year son who had called me Jan 2, 07 for piano lesson information.
After 8 lessons at another studio she called me again on March 5, 07. She said that she did not think that her son was learning much there. I said I think you will see a big difference in what he learns here and reminded her that I had mentioned some of this back in our original conversation. After 4 lessons with me, I asked the mother what she thought about the lessons here. This is when she said that it was a mistake going to the other studio. She said even her son noticed the difference after the very first lesson. The first time she called, I gave some examples of what lessons in my studio are like. I asked if the examples that I had given about the vast differences in my teaching verses what students have learned from prior lessons was believable. I also asked if she thought it was a mistake on my part to try & have people understand this when they call for lesson information. She suggested I should because some people would believe what I am telling them but that others could look at this as a marketing approach to get them to come here.

31. "I owe you everything that I am and will be in music. You have done much more for me than any of my other teachers". - This comment came to me from a female student who started lessons with me around age 27.
When I received the initial call from her, I was impressed by her immense love, passion, and dedication to music. She explained to me she has had lessons for twenty-two years on trombone, violin, piano, voice, and was taking lessons on guitar. She had recently stopped taking lessons. I asked her in great detail about her musical background. My questions ranged from beginner to advanced topics. With this, I also asked basic things like what kind of music did she like, etc. When we talked about her most recent guitar teacher, I found out that he seemed disorganized and was a poor teacher. I told her that she would find me completely opposite her former teacher. From speaking with her about her 22 years of lessons, I estimated that she was at the same level as my sixteenth month students. A few months after enrolling with me to play the guitar, she then added piano lessons. Eventually she stopped the piano lessons but added the bass guitar in addition to her guitar lessons. She has continued to play piano on her own. After our first lesson, I could see that she was a very dedicated and talented student. I made a prediction to her that if she stayed with me for several years, she would become one of my all time top students. That prediction came true! After studying with me for seven months, I told her that she learned more from me in seven months than she learned in twenty-two years from her previous seven teachers. Her reaction was “WAAAAAAY” more!
This is an exceptional case with an exceptional student. She surpassed all the students that were ahead of her when she started. Over time, I found out that she graduated from Princeton University with simultaneous degrees in both engineering and architecture. She has a successful career in a field that does not pertain to her studies. It’s hard to believe that other teachers wasted her kind of talent. Sadly, she confided in me that four years before she came to my studio, she had started to think that she just did not have musical talent. It broke my heart knowing this woman, who loved music and wanted to play so badly, continued taking lessons for twenty-two years and began to doubt her own abilities. Now she gets the recognition and respect that her abilities deserve. She also decided to resume voice lessons. She took lessons from her first teacher in New York for six months, then she switched to another teacher also in New York. She felt that after taking lessons from me, she now knows what to look for in a teacher. This student would tell me how impressed her teacher was with her knowledge of music. After about nine months of working at playing the guitar and doing vocals at same time, she decided to take her guitar to her vocal lessons and show her teacher what she was working on. On our next lesson she told me the reaction she got from her second vocal teacher, who was trained at Juilliard (she holds degree with a major in voice and minor in piano). Her teacher told her she had no idea she could play like that! This is the favorable reaction she is getting where ever she performs. It’s nice to have a happy ending!


32. "If I thought playing the bass was going to be this easy I would have bought the bass guitar and the bass amp I really wanted to buy." - This came from one of my guitar students in his early forties.
He stared asking me about the bass guitar when he was with me for about three and a half years. I would answer his occasional questions over a three month period and then he came to a lessons and told me he had bought one. Within three weeks he started taking bass lessons in addition to the guitar. After about four and a half months of lessons he said if he had known that the bass was going to be this easy he would have bought the bass guitar and amp he really wanted. I reminded him of a discussion that we had in the past about learning additional instrumentals. I had said if you learn to play an instrument from meeee! any additional instrument you would play would be much easier. He said I remember you saying that but I did not expected it to be this easy.


33. “I found your web site to be very thorough and informative. It also listed the styles of music I wanted to learn. I felt that someone who could create a web site this through would be just as thorough as a teacher.”
- This was said to me by a lawyer from Hackensack in Feb 2008
I asked this student why he decided to come to my studio to take guitar lessons. He said he felt if someone could be that thorough in creating their web site that they would probably be a very thorough teacher. He has been with my studio since July 07 and has found that his intuition was right. He told me that he has learned a lot since he started here. After eight months of lessons with me, he is currently working on things that students with prior lessons don’t even get to in three years or more with another teacher.


34. “I took lessons six years ago and due to my bad experience, I never thought I would take lessons again but something was very special about your website that made me interested to e-mail you."
- This was told to me by a guitar student from Hoboken NJ.
He liked my response to his email and decided to follow up with a call. He decided to start taking lessons because he liked what I had to say. Guitar lessons with me started on Mar 2008. About forty five minutes into his first lesson he told me that I showed him things that made his playing so much easier. After a year and a half of prior lessons he never learned things like that. During the first three weeks he would tell me how much he appreciated what I was doing for him. He would thank me and repeat his appreciation as he was leaving each week. I told him that I appreciate how much he has expressed it to me.


35. "My son is breathing more efficiently, practicing more, and is enjoying playing his sax more."
- This was told me after his son's sixth lesson by the father of a ten year old tenor sax student that started in Feb 2008,
The boy had been playing in the school band for a year and a half.

36. "We have moved serveral times in the last 7 years and you are by far the best we have ever have taken lessons from."
- This came from the father of a 14 year old son after the first guitar lesson.

The reason for the missing years
of testimonials is the following.

I stopped adding testimonials because I did not think people would read them all but something a new student below from River Edge said made me realize I had to continue to add to the list. He said he though I might not be in business because the testimonials stopped in 2008. That really got my attention and made me realize I had to start adding to the list again.


37. "I like the through way your are teaching my daughter to read music."
- This came from the mother of a 9 year old cello student from Suffern New York that started in April 2013.
I do know that I am much more thorough in the way that I teach over most of the other teachers approachs.

38. "You are more more disaplined, focused, and organized, than my prior teacher. I also feel much more comfortable playing in front of you."
- This came from an adult saxophone student, in his early sixties, from Englewood NJ that started in Feb 2013

39. "The difference between you and my other teacher is that you are much more organized and structured.."
- This came from an adult guitar student, in his fifties, from River Edge NJ that started in Mar 2013.


I am honored and grateful for these positive remarks that my students have expressed.


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