Here is my long time experience of how students decide to stop lessons in a short time but not in a trial lesson decision. I will cover the few exceptions toward the end of this article.


What generally happens is the student will not know the commitment that is needed to play a musical instrument. They start lessons and about the third week I realize the student is not practicing enough. I explain to the student and or parents more practice time is needed. I tell them they should practice about 20 minutes each day. That comes out to two hours and twenty minutes for the seven-day week in between lessons. I give them more detail on what they should be doing in their practice time and try to motivate them. Some students will make changes that improve their results. Other students do a little better and some do nothing more. In each following week I try to review the problem and give more information on proper practice of the material I have given and try to motivate them again. Then about week five at the earliest the student realizes they do not want to do the work necessary to learn to play a musical instrument and stop lessons.


There have been students who started slow or struggled a little in the first month, two, or three, that have become good students later. That is why you need to give the proper time to let the natural conditions take place. Most places rent musical instruments for three months or more because it takes 5 to 6 weeks for a student to know if they like taking lessons or not.


Exceptions for first lesson decision are these. A child is not ready or interested in music lessons. This means the student will not listen or concentrating on what the teacher is trying to teach. The student will ask or want to talk about other things. Each time the teacher tries to get the student concentrating on the lesson the student does not respond to what is being taught. The parents try to help and generally get frustrated... When this happens I suggest they try again when the student is older if some interest still exists.


Other good reasons the customer can make a decision not to continue past the first lesson would be the teacher is not friendly, patient, seems incompetent, or does not seem to be very helpful or inspiring to the student. I work hard, and am very friendly, caring, and I like helping people so this should not be a problem in my studio.


Wrong instrument because of age, physical size, or an instrument was not the students first or choice. During questions for one of my students around age ten, I asked why he wanted to play piano. He said he did not want to play piano. He said he wanted to play guitar but said his mother wanted him to play piano. His lessons ended after about ten weeks


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